Transformation Hot Spot selection

System complexity can be dazzling. The abundance of technology does not help to set priorities when looking for transformation opportunities. The lack of boundaries, the size of the operation and the fierce competition are overwhelming. Disruptive players can enter markets out of nowhere and wipe out well established operators in an industry. In order to set your priorities and have consensus within the management team we have been using Business Model Canvas © as a methodology to create a handle on your organization and its environment. Deciding on applicability of technology and creating a portfolio will create a roadmap for technology driven change.

Digital Maturity Assessment

With all changes going on first thing to do is start orienting yourself. As time and aspirations move on establishing where you stand in the ecosystem you live in. In order to asses the position and the current trajectory our consultants can help you enumerate and compare your technology snapshot and asses current state and transition requirement. Business processes are evolving due to technological improvements. AI, IOT and Blockchain can be truly disruptive and digital awareness is key.      

Use case development

In order to put technology to work it is wise to have a plan of how to do this. Staying focused on the journey ahead is one of today’s many challenges. Getting distracted by the noise and environments that are set-up to draw your attention does not help. Where to start what are our goals, what is our journey and what do we need to achieve. Whatever method is being used for thew transformation, requirements still need to be defined. Our consultants have practical experience to analyze your process and translate this into a future state.


Blockchain technology enables decentralized ledgers, storing timestamped data. New models of trust will decentralize Finance, speed up and create transparency in supply chains. It can register and tokenize assets. It will reduce certificed registrations and eliminate the middle man or trusted party.

Artifical Inteligence

AI  are intelligent Agents that perceive your environment and takes actions that maximize your chance of successfully achieving your goals. Natural language processing reduces human search and comparison. Pattern recognition will improve diagnostics and predict outcomes.


Internet of Things creates a network of Physical objects with embedded sensors, advanced communications (5G), software and other technology in order to exchange data with other systems. It will enable AI, and big data. It will create new business models, reduce spilage and improve sustainability.