About Robert Hunter & Associates

Robert Hunter & Associates has been a reliable partner enabling transformations since 2003. The advance of new technology creates uncertainty about the future. Will you thrive or survive, we can help you create a path. How can you put AI, Blockchain, IoT or Industry 4.0 to your advantage and how do we get your people involved. We have a proven track record in operationalization.

Our focus is to help you apply contemporary and new technology in order to outsmart your competition. For over a decade we have been consolidating and improving IT landscapes using SAP salesforce, Microsoft technology. With our Ingenuity, knowledge and open network we will continue to improve your business model and organization. Your agility will be relying more and more on technology and change.

Hardest part of change is mobilizing your organization and aligning people and technology to support your goals. As an experienced partner with seasoned resources we can quickly demonstrate success by providing future ready solutions and  taking your organization forward.

As our associates have critical know how and our eco system is top notch, we will bring you IT and business allignment in a future world that is driven by data in the cognitive enterprise.